Lessons with Miss Megan

Thanks to Carina over at Things I Like Love Lust for discovering the gorgeous talent of Perth Illustrator, Megan Isabella!!
I have had a good swoon over her portfolio and love her cool little pocket sized compact mirrors at her etsy store, not to mention her funky little blog Lessons with Miss Megan.

Love her words too:

“It’s all about personality. If you got the attitude, I got the pencil.”
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3 Responses to Lessons with Miss Megan

  1. Gabrielle says:

    wow love the badge!
    need to get one!

    x from

  2. carina says:

    cool find huh! I particularly like her vector drawings – the colours are sooo good!
    (p.s thanks for the mention!)

  3. handmade romance says:

    thanks for sharing! i had not seen megans work before, its fantastic!