lets do this

2014 - Lake Wanaka, NZ by Studio Home

Ech! I hope you don’t cringe but I’m admitting to being one of those that respond well to having positive, “take life by the scruff of the neck” type mantra’s floating around my desk (just in case).

This year has been exciting, rewarding and terrifying at times as I stepped off full time into the blogging world down under…a part of the internet which is still SO new! But hell, at this point, despite those heart thumpers at 4am questioning the sanity at doing this, I’ve begun to “find my flow” which has been my personal cheerleading phrase for 2013.

So as we tip over the edge into another 12 months of endless possibility I wanted to lead with my most favourite pic I have taken this year (of my spaghetti legged bestie in Lake Wanaka) and my new booster words.

I hope they might ring a bell for some of you guys out there…and thanks so much for being on the other side of the screen!

Lets make this one count xoxo

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