Letterpress Loving

I can not claim this find as my own as I was having a GREAT catch up at the lovely blog Paisley St Claire and ended up with a fistful of fabulous links to explore. Brisbane based Bespoke Press is one of them. The offer gorgeous limited edition prints, cards and stationary that can be purchased at their shop here.

The quotes shown in full from images above:

“And in the sweetness of friendship, let there be laughter and the sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of the little things, the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” By Kahlili Gibran

“If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” By Kahlili Gibran

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One Response to Letterpress Loving

  1. Bespoke Press says:

    aw shucks – thankyou!!