Porcelain bracelets…they could dangerous but in actual use I am hoping they prove to be a little more robust than they sound! Erin Lightfoot (ohhh yesss that is a great name) is one very talented designer from Brisbane. She has found and nailed her own amazing unique style which she translates across fabrics, fashion and accessories. I always get a wee thrill when I find a brand spanking new to me designer and Lightfoot goes straight to the top of my bookmarks! Her lovely website, etsy store and I found her listed at this beautiful new online haven!!

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2 Responses to Lightfoot

  1. Prue says:

    yikes, i think these just converted me to a bangle wearer! that bottom one needs to be mine! great find SH xxp

  2. mady says:

    oh these are so pretty, i want one! i like it here and i am going to stay for a while exploring this wonderful blog.