Lilli Waters

Lilli Waters

I spent a solid whack of time last night clicking through the albums on the website of Australian photographer Lilli Waters. I posted about her She Raw exhibition last year and until now hadn’t revisited to see the huge amount of work she has been doing! Aside from her fantastical and slightly dark personal shoots she has completed some beautiful commercial and commission work. One that really struck a chord was recent exhibition “Things of Fire and Ash: Remembering Black Saturday” celebrating yong people affected by the 2009 Victorian bush fires.
If you are a photography lover then go check it alllll out.

Lilli Waters Lilli Waters Lilli WatersLilli Waters Lilli Waters Lilli Waters - photographer Eric RonaldShot of Lilli by Eric Ronald


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2 Responses to Lilli Waters

  1. Cam Grove says:

    Love these shots, they have a sort of early Bill Henson etheric quality.

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