Lillie Toogood

It was only a week or so ago that I posted the most recent range from Sydney based Good & Co and their silk scarves with rich photographic prints. Now ex pat Kiwi Lillie has kindly scooped together some snaps of the home ( slash workroom slash office slash storage unit!) she shares with her German boyfriend. Go take a wander…

WHAT: Our one bedroom flat in a funky art-deco building. It also doubles as my office and workroom, and is transformed into what we call the ‘scarf jungle’ when my boxes of stock are unleashed. Our roof top is all open terrace, complete with outdoor furniture so this becomes our second living room in the warmer months with lots of meals, bbq’s entertaining and mini-outdoor movie sessions held up there, or just to get away from the scarf jungle downstairs.
We do love our place! We were lucky enough to get permission from our landlord to do a bit of re-decorating, so since we’ve moved in we’ve ripped up all the old carpet, polished the floors, and painted all the walls from dark burgundy to white. Its been a very fun DIY project.

WHO: I live here with my boyfriend Dirk (ze German) and our 2 goldfish – Bruce the 3rd, and Gold Finger the 3rd. Best not to ask where the “3rd” comes from.

WHERE: We definitely love our hood! We live in Rushcutters Bay in Sydney, Australia. Our place is right on the edge of a beautiful big park, 100m from the harbour edge and we are surround by amazing art deco buildings. We have easy access to great cafes, bars and restaurants, weekend markets, the botanical gardens, the city, the beaches and and the not to mention the fascinating world that is Kings Cross. Its a great spot to live and enjoy lots of what Sydney has to offer.

DESCRIPTION: We moved from London to Sydney nearly 3 years ago, and arrived with a couple of suit cases, some Moroccan poofs, some prints and posters and not much cash in our pocket. So our flat became our project and we have slowly hunted out bargains and purchased furniture and bit and bobs that we have needed as the time has ticked on. Its definitely been a work-in-progess. It definitely helps to create and work in a space that you are inspired in and can get creative with.

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One Response to Lillie Toogood

  1. Tasha says:

    Do so love peeking in to the homes of other creatives!!
    Intrigued by the magnetic letters… we used to have them on the fridge door when the kids were littler and we were teaching them the easy words.
    Tasha xo