Love & Ginger

Love and Ginger

I am VERY excited to be the first to introduce you to the wonderful and delicious world of Love and Ginger. My friend Katrina Nurse is many things ( a miracle working hairdresser, hilarious, goofy girlfriend and spunky wife) but she is also an annoyingly resourceful designer and maker. I say annoyingly as everything she touches seems to end up the ideal amount of perfectly imperfect. Over at Love and Ginger the blog, you can follow the exciting process of building a new house in rural Canterbury as well as be witness to the many DIY projects she takes too (often with nail gun and saw in hand!) Recently, following demand via her Instagram account she has been custom making the garlands pictured. And the great news is she is now taking orders as well as listing stock in her newly formed shop!

Love and GingerLove and GingerLove and GingerLove and GingerKatrina Nurse

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