Have had a total utter crush on Eveline Tarunadjaja’s work ever since getting my free poster of hers from a Frankie magazine.
Eveline gets inspired by random things she finds interesting like lines from Haruki Murakami’s books and sandwich bags. Her guilty pleasures include collecting scrap paper, girly Japanese comics with predictable endings and dancing on the street.

Recently, Eveline co-curated and exhibited in ‘Cups and Cuddles’, an Australian female illustrators group show. She was part of Grafuck 3 book launch and exhibition in California, their annual show ‘NeuLover’ in Portland, Oregon, as well as featured in various publications such as: Frankie (Australia), Elle (Romania), Vogue Girl (Korea) and march 08 issue of Elle Girl (Korea). At the moment, she’s doing t shirt graphics for Hurley (Australia).

She is currently residing in Melbourne, in her adopted country Australia, for the sole purpose of easy access to good cafes to draw her girls, lots of hair and fetish for octopi.
She has a lovely website where you can buy prints and originals of her work. Definitely will be on my list to buy once I have sorted out my credit card situation!!

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2 Responses to Lovepad

  1. Kelly says:

    these are really lovely pieces. thanks for the introduction to the artist!

  2. Joanna Goddard says:

    what lovely illustrations. i’m going to link to you from my blog. your blog is so lovely! let’s be friends:)

    xoxo joanna