Lucky dip hunt for furniture in NZ

Apartmento goodies: the Leag Table and my fave the Salon Chair
Eon:the soft edges of the Dom Hall table, the ever so cute Dom Dining Chair and Frame Chair
Trenzseater: the tubby Uno chair, loungy but light Havanna sofa and slightly quirky Capri coffee table.

Lately I have had the task of sourcing furniture for some apartments I am working on..however we have just 5 weeks and counting to furnish them and most of you will realise that it is virtually impossible to order furniture to be made in that time. This would actually be a fun challenge if I lived even remotely close to any furniture stores…infact, in terms of NZ geography I live about as far away as possible!! Sooooo I sent out an SOS to my favourite NZ manufactures and they all came to my rescue sending me fantastic, lucky dip emails of their current stock. And options I got!! Of course, that said, the old reality of budget and space has meant that I can’t specify all…but thought that I could at least share some of the great, quality furniture design we have going on here downunder!

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