Mad Cow Series

“It all started in 2012 when Dr Ivan E Goe is commissioned by Federated Farmers and Fontera to work on increasing the intelligence of bovine to be that of humans. Farmers are tired of milking, drenching, feeding and so froth and want the cows to manage themselves. He genetically syncs a human’s brain structure and capacity to that of a bovine.Suddenly it all backfires when the penny drops and one smart bovine sees things as they are and decides he has had enough. We are more than milk and meat patties, we have names, we have purpose. You will pay with your lives! *please note: if you know anything about home butchery, you will know the sweet spot to ‘hit’ the bovine is slightly to the right.”
Nothing like a bit of controversial art to to get the conversation going!! New from Shane Hansen from Clever Bastards.
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