make online and in love with Franz….

Apoligies for not being round. I am having a few internet issues at home and it is killing me. Who new my addiction was so out of control!! So right now I am parked up in an internet cafe squashed between a guy with B.O and a girl who is laughing uncontrollably OUT LOUD to whatever she has got going on on her screen. sigh.
Moving right along is something AWESOME for you clever peeps!!
I got a lovely email with a goldmine of links from new Christchurch, NZ based set up Franz Tormers. I am already caught up in their enthusiasm for design and concept of store and artspace! ech!
Below are some of their wicked cool tee’s and art available online here

But wait…there’s more…
Franz Tormers have also launched a poster design comp “Too Big to Upload”. Entries are open until the 16th of this month, then showcased online with a selection displayed at the opening of their new space on the 25th of March. This is an awesome opportunity for any of you up and coming artistic/graphic like types to have a dabble. Get into it!!
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