Marvellous Melbourne

Kelly Thompson - Studio HomeRedfox & Wilcox - Studio HomeThe Windsor Workshop - Studio HomeElk Accessories - Studio HomeInk & Spindle - Studio HomeBeth Emily + Guvnor + Abby Seymour - Studio HomeThe Design Files - Studio HomeSally Goodall - Studio Home

Even the editing of just the images above has stirred up my total STOKE on sharing the Melbourne stories I collected for you this last week. Over the coming month you can look forward to Creative HQ and Behind Closed Door features on Elk, Kelly Thompson, The Design Files, Redfox & Wilcox, The Windsor Workshop, Ink & Spindle, Guvnor, Abby Seymour, Beth Emily and photographer Sally Goodall.

For a city which I am quite sure has the largest convergence of small creative business Down Under – the broad attitude of sharing ideas, collaborating, networking and supporting that I came across during each and every interview had me buzzing. Sharing knowledge simply strengthens the industry and cultivates a stable future – moving creatives away from the “starving artist” syndrome toward savvy and ambitious business owners.
I havn’t even got close to my fill of that town…

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One Response to Marvellous Melbourne

  1. Ed says:

    Oooooh I can’t wait for your Melbourne posts Ju it is one of my most favourite cities!!(possibly a little bias as it is where my family are from originally:))
    beautiful images as always
    biggest hugs from Okarito have a great weekend
    Ed x