Maurice Golotta

Maurice Golotta at Signed and NumberedMaurice Golotta at Signed and NumberedThese are just two of the colourways of Maurice Golotta‘s freaking cool large scale prints available from Signed and Numbered right now!

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2 Responses to Maurice Golotta

  1. Jessica says:

    Ohh…. been watching The Block Fans vs Favs – and the boys used one of these pieces in the guest bedroom they revealed last night – looked great and was wondering who the artist was! Great piece to use to pull colours out of for the rest of a space!

    • julia says:

      Crazy timing Jessica as we don’t get it in NZ yet and I had JUST finished scheduling it when I spotted that Signed and Numbered had posted that it was on The Block! not surpising…so damn cool 😉 xo