Me, Emily and Urbis!!

I have been dying to share these pics with you as I think that my buddy Emily Adamson is a photographic visionary! Urbis requested a few shots for a wee profile on SHC and moi in a design online piece (came out today and covered our friends Lucy at Design Files, Elliot and co at and Paul at Clever Bastards ). Anyway, we had torrential rain from above, mist, luckily two pairs of gumboots and my flatmates broken umbrella. These pics also capture the murky romance of Lake Wakatipu rather than the crystal clear, blue skyed tourist version!. Thanks sooo much Em, you even made me look a smidgeon cool!!!
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One Response to Me, Emily and Urbis!!

  1. Kate says:

    great photos! the lake looks beautiful, must get myself sorted and come on a Kiwi adventure.