The School NZ - Megan MortonMegan Morton - The School NZ. Photo: Maya VidulichFor many of you this will be the first time you have been introduced to” The School ” – a passion project by internationally renowned interior stylist; Megan Morton. Megan has cultivated a dream team of extremely talented creatives to join her travelling roadshow and share their skills and inside knowledge over a plethora of exciting topics!  The School has gained cult status with its programme in Australia and guess what……they are coming to Auckland, NZ from November the 1st – 4th !!!

The team will be setting up at the new Mildred & Co. showroom and offering 7 awesome classes:
Vignettes with Kara Rosenlund
Science of Styling with Megan Morton
Photoshop for Bloggers + Beginners with Simone Madigan
Instagram Debunked with Stephanie Somebody
Photography 101 with Brooke Holm
Kids Room Decorating with Megan Morton
French 101 with Sophie The

Over the next month I will be sharing an exclusive series of short interviews with each of the creatives above so that you can get to know their story a little better and maybe recognise a teacher that could help you build your own creative skills. The School brings a range of classes that are niche and unlikely to be offered elsewhere at this level. It may be that you have a personal interest in styling and photography or you are a creative yourself –  wanting to present your own business and products on a new improved level. Well these are the women who can teach you how !!

Megan Morton - The School NZMegan Morton - The School NZ. Photo: Anson SmartMegan Morton - The School NZ. Photo: Anson SmartMegan Morton - The School NZ. Photo: Sharyn CairnsMegan Morton - The School NZ


To me the initials “MM” are synonomous not only with wonderful interiors spied in books and magazine editorials (and beautifully produced shots of people, things and places!) but also with a woman who is inspiring in her creative drive and diversity. Not content with just fulfilling the requirements of her very successful career as a commercial stylist she has also produced three books and brought to life her own format to share her skills andr those of her colleagues with a like minded audience. Oh – and she’s a mum!!

-What is your day job? My day job is a stylist. The School is my passion project and really connects makers to people – just like I do in magazines with my set ups and styled shots, but this way we go direct!

-What led you to do what you do? What are your favourite aspects of your chosen work? I really like people and am generally curious about them. What I love is watching a left brainer person take a right brain class and totally blitz it and get what we call “the fever!”

-Tell us about your class you teach at The School? Its hard to put into words. But after it people come up to me and say “Oh my god, if you told me you were going to do all of that I would have paid double!” which is always nice! I could charge more but I want as many people as interested in understanding beauty around them to be able to get to it. In saying that, the Masterclass series are not cheap but it has now launched many businesses and careers.

-Who would it interest and why should I tell my friends to go? Not many stylists with international tear sheets and covers are prepared to share all they know about one of the most wonderful magic making industries known to man kind is why.

– To be purely nosey….can you share your top go-to spots online that you rove for inspiration? I really do try not to. Not because I am anti blog or site inspiration, but most of it is re-hashed and I only really like original content. I dont use them as much as I used to as I am in head deep down into an instagram addiction!

Follow Megan on instagram here and here and on Facebook. 

Megan Morton - The School NZ. Photo: Maya VidulichWIN!
Over the series of exclusive interviews with The School NZ teachers we will also be giving away some valuable spots for free!

To win a spot in Megan Mortons Kids Room Decorating Workshop please tell us in the comments below OR the image posted on Facebook – the two other classes you would love to attend.

The winner will be drawn at random on Wednesday 4th of September and announced in this post and on the Studio Home Facebook page.

PS- those attending the Kids Room Workshop go into win a roll of this wall sticker paper by Jane Reiseger valued at $149.95 !

Congratulations to Sarah from Miss Molly Coddle who came up trumps on the randomiser draw.
Thanks to everyone who entered and you’ll be pleased to know I have some more spots to giveaway in the other classes so stay tuned for more interviews!


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25 Responses to

  1. Ngaire Woodhams says:

    So hard to chose! But I would have to go with the Science of Styling and Photography 101.

  2. Jo says:

    I would love to attend the kids decorating workshop. Hard to choose, but I would go for Instagram debunked and the Science of Styling

  3. tina says:

    Kids workshop! and these please please thankyou – great article Julia – look forward to the rest of the interviews
    – Vignettes with Kara Rosenlund
    – Science of Styling with Megan Morton

  4. Claire says:

    I would LOVE to go to the kids workshop and I have my eye on the Vignettes and the Science of Styling ones too.
    I have been watching Megan and The School and wishing I was in Australia for so many of the workshops.
    Fingers crossed! x

  5. Kate Coveny says:

    The kids room workshop would be amazing ! as would the science of styling and photography 101

  6. Carly Webster says:

    Of course I would love to win a spot at Megan’s workshop! I think I would get great benefit from Science of Styling and Photoshop for Bloggers would defiantly lead me on a path to achieving some career dreams and ambitions. Xoxo

  7. Anthea says:

    Wow what an amazing prize. I would love to attend the science of styling and vignettes classes!

  8. Chloe Steele says:

    I would love to attend the kids room workshop! If I could choose, I would definitely want to attend the science of styling and photography 101 too!

  9. Lou swift says:

    The kids room workshop sounds fantastic and very timely for me! I would also love to attend the science of styling and photography 101….. Fingers and toes crossed 🙂

  10. Erica says:

    I would love to be a part of the kids room workshop, perfect for my girl who is three and son who is one…I love all things kids, all things styling and all things photography , needless to say I would also love to be a part of Brooke Holm’s Photography 101. as well as Science of styling with Megan Morton ! Please give me the chance to get away for a few days x

  11. Katrina says:

    I did it, I booked the science of styling class…. The vignette class with Kara Rosenlund would be amazing too…. If only my wallet would fatten up! So excited!! Might need to top ‘n tail lady! Haha Xx

  12. I am such a MM fan I can’t wait to meet her ü
    My choices would be Science of Styling and Instagram Debunked please!!!!

  13. Ceci says:

    Woops please edit email above!

  14. Renee Coombe says:

    Big fan – I would love Kids Room Decorating, Science of Styling and with out a doubt Vignettes please. Huge thanks for your constant inspiration!

  15. Alesha says:

    For surely Science of Styling and instagram debunked. Such an exciting opportunity to get along to this class 🙂

  16. Kids room would be peeerrrfect for the wee people in the family… Vignettes to feed my Still life addiction, and Photography 101 to help with styling & creating professional images of my jewellery creations.
    Great interview!

  17. Sarah says:

    Definitely Science of Styling and Vignettes!

  18. Chelsea says:

    Huge fan! I would love Kids Room Decorating, Science of Styling and Vignettes. So exciting MM and her team are bringing their talents to NZ….Loved your interview!

  19. Hayley Berendsen says:

    I would have to say science on styling and photography 101 they sound really interesting.

  20. Karen Clarkson says:

    So freakin excited! Would love to go to them all, but since I have to choose… Science of Styling and Vignettes!

  21. Sarah says:

    SO cool that Megan is coming over, I’m a big fan. Of course everything looks amazing, but the two I would choose are photography 101 and Science of Styling. Ta da! Now to go cross my fingers.

  22. Jane says:

    I would love love love to attend the photography for bloggers as well as the stylist event

  23. Sarah says:

    Vignettes and Science of Styling would definitely be my other two choices. I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to attend one of Megans courses. It’s my husbands birthday on Wed and he said he’d love nothing more than for his wife to win a decorating course, bahahaha…. said with a good dose of sarcasm! His wife would be over the moon though 🙂

  24. Fiona says:

    Hope I’m not to late to enter this?! I love Megan Morton’s work! They would all be amazing I’m sure but if I was picking two others it would be Science of Styling and Photography 101. 🙂

  25. rose says:

    just booked in for the vignettes class; looking forward to it 🙂