Melbourne + Elk!

Elk Accessories

After following Australian brand Elk online since 2008 I am very excited to share two developments which have me feeling pretty pumped!
One – Elk have come on board as sponsor of the (freaking awesome!) interviews and resulting posts I will be doing in Melbourne starting this Thursday!
Two – One of those said posts will result in you guys getting to cruise behind the scenes at the Elk HQ!

Having forward thinking, creative brands like Elk partner up with me is the only why I can chase after the interesting and inspiring content that you guys as readers enjoy. So please support me in my thanks by taking some time to explore their signature wooden jewellery, casual cool clothing and super supple leather bags, wallets and footwear. Standby!

Elk AccessoriesElk AccessoriesElk AccessoriesElk Accessories


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2 Responses to Melbourne + Elk!

  1. Alex Fulton says:

    Go you go! Love Elk!

  2. Aly Bennett says:

    LOVE that first image!! Stunning gal and wicked stylin. Your trip to Melbourne is tres exciting!