Midwest gem I had to share!

As if I needed any more perfect reasons to procrastinate today…. I got a happy little package from Amazon with my Amy Butler book, “Midwest Modern“. To all you people from mainland America, Amy has been this wonderful, creative gem that you have had around for a few years to admire…but for us downunder folk…she is a new find and WOW!!! I have had my head buried in her book all afternoon despite the projects that are screeching at me from my desk. I felt like Amy was a friend, giving me a casual, coffee in hand tour around her house and studio…throwing in a couple of patterns and ideas just cos she likes me. And I think that is what I LOVE about her!! Her website has free pattern downloads…she actually encourages people to have a go at creating something that she has designed. This is such a refreshing change to all the secretive, cagey creatives out there who are terrified of someone copying. Amy believes that when someone uses one of her patterns, they will always end up with a final product that is unique to them…maybe in the stitching, buttons and small detail.
I’ll leave you with some Butler words of wisdom:

“…home decor and fashion are so much more than fluff and pomp.
They are the calling cards to our personalities”

-Amy Butler

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