MMmmmm Friday

1. A little interview I had with Kelly over at the “Grans Loose Change” blog

2. Another new and notable artwork from Brad Novak…fantastic for your sport loving man friend.

3.  So fresh and so clean clean…New Zealand wilderness and rivers

4. Foxes are stocking Studio Ceramics! Yes! This IS exciting!!

5.  If you’re in Welly you should drop by Rachel Walker’s exhibition

6. Loving this darling little blog

Finally, I am excited about catching up with my brilliant old flatmate, visiting from her new home in Tasmania. Hoping for a quieter weekend than the last three which I have NOT bounced back from quite the same way as I used to 10 years ago…god I sound like one of those boring girls that thinks 29 is old…it isn’t of course! (except for that post weekend haziness that lasts 3 days instead of 1!!)

Would love to talk with you all more, so tell me what is the haps with YOU this weekend? xoxo

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