Mons Royale: First on. Last off.

Its so exciting to finally bring to you an amazing entreprenurial effort from some great friends of mine who live in the mountain paradise of Wanaka, New Zealand. Mons Royale is the baby of Hamish Acland and Hannah Aubury. Both hark from high country sheep farming areas in the South Island, both love the snow and adventure activities that require sturdy warm layers and both have an eye for styley vs. functional clothing. Sooooo Mons Royale was born and is taking the technical underlayer world by storm. Check out their site and get ordering your own, indestructable, comfortable annnnd goodlooking first layer sorted for the up coming winter!
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One Response to Mons Royale: First on. Last off.

  1. carina says:

    hmmm…i wonder if Hamish Acland is any relation to my boss…