Mons Royale

Despite living in a mountain-bound town, deep in the South Island of NZ I feel like I am surrounded by some of the most creative and ambitious people I have ever come across. Included in that are Hannah Aubrey and Hamish Acland with their joint venture Mons Royale. Hamish put his years in the ski industry to good use when he sprung to fill the gap for modern, fashion friendly Merino “first layer”. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the talented Miss Aubrey to enter with her top level design and branding skills and it was a match in business and in love. AAwwwwwwww. Their hard work has payed off with the brand enjoying success on an international level – all administered from their small town base.
Enjoy Hannah’s wee rundown below.

WHAT: Home sweet home

WHERE: Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. Great views of mountains and lake, and heaps of sunshine.

WHO: I live with my boyfriend Hamish. He and I both work on our merino apparel business: Mons Royale, as well as my own graphic design business.

DESCRIPTION: Hmmm. Hamish and I rented this house about 3 years ago. It came unfurnished, which was a bit of a blow at the start, as between the two of us we owned absolutely no furniture! To get us started, we bought our table – which is this rad industrial design, made by Christchurch company  F3 Design, matched with old school chairs I picked up for $18 for 8. We also bought these beautiful caramel leather couches from Trademe.
Over the years, I have added bits and pieces that are full of character, and mostly always have a story behind them. Like the booze cabinet we got for a steal at a second hand store in a tiny rural town. I just sanded it back and painted it this diesel / egg plant colour … and my deer antlers bound by barbed wire that my high country farmer bro made me.
I guess you could say my style is more rustic than anything, with a natural colour pallet and muted colours. Favourite moments of this house include, cocktails and dancing until the wee hours with friends, and waking up to man friend cooking bacon and eggs on the BBQ, and eating them on the deck on a glorious sunny day overlooking the lake and southern alps! Bliss.

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