moofus rulz!

My mate Moofus did this drawing. He is awesome. He is 11 years old. Visit his etsy store here

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4 Responses to moofus rulz!

  1. thoughtful day says:

    I love it! Thanks for sharing, he has quite a career ahead of him!!!

  2. art4friends says:

    kids these days.

    no really, thats awesome.
    normally kids have the technical skill but cant really pull off an awesome composition.

    but wow!

    AWESOME blog by the way.
    so good.

  3. Swonderful says:

    I heart moofus too! Good luck with your moves Julia.
    I have nominated you for a blog award, have a looksie on our blog!

  4. mchevelle says:

    thanks for sharing this! i liked his shop so much i had to blog it as well! with credit to studio home creative too, of course 🙂