move over…its Moofus again!

New from my mate Moofus. He’s 13 now I think??? Love the stories that go with the work…specially the Gellato one. Probably from the mouth of his crazy, talented Mum Kate…so funny.


I saw this gelato van in Sydney last week. I was sitting in a cafe with dad and it was on the other side of the road. It was really early in the morning and the sun was already bright.Dad said it wasnt a good idea to have icecream for
breakfast, but when we got home, mum was eating cold potato curry for hers.I dont understand parents sometimes.”

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2 Responses to move over…its Moofus again!

  1. Kate says:

    Julia, I wish I could take credit but his oft scathing wit but is his own. He's only 12 going on 25.
    thanks for putting this up, he's chuffed.

  2. Munted kowhai says:

    hehehe SO cute.