Moving right along…

Crikey! I am in the midst of some serious moving and shaking this week!!! I am leaving my wee “studio home” and am moving into a shared flat on Queenstown with an englishman, irishman and a view. ALSO finishing, furnishing and decorating my second Heart Foundation Lottery House in Wanaka (over the hill…another beautiful lakeside place!) AND moving my biz into a shared office. This however hit some massive kind of speed bump this afternoon when it all fell through…crashing and burning and causing me to hanker for more than one wine!! So …I sent out a “Help me pleeeeaaasssseeee” email to everyone and anyone and….wouldn’t you know it I had a new shared office space hooked up within half an hour. Wicked.

Lesson learnt today: Wine doesn’t fix things….networking is the basis of EVERYTHING. (wine does have its uses…no arguments there!)
So …will leave you all this week and report back in the next from my new homebase shared office with G and G from Swordfox! Yipppeee!!

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One Response to Moving right along…

  1. Kate says:

    Cant wait to see the new house you’re doing, when will the pics be up?
    No pressure then.
    Moofie sends his humble regards and thanks.