Mum of Moofus!

I am on an art bender…guessing that is pretty obvious. But I really felt that the wonderfully talented Moofus (below post) could not be mentioned without showing you the incredible work that his MUM Kate is doing!! Just had a good, nosey peruse through Kate’s blog and awesome site and have finished up with the impression that she is one of those really relaxed, funny, smiley artist/mums which I reckon is kind of rare. Definitely worth a spy!!! I have added the blog to my aussie/kiwi bloggy love and both Moofus and mum Kates’s etsy store, Alyoisiuss are listed too.

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4 Responses to Mum of Moofus!

  1. Uncle Beefy says:

    Oh yes, indeed…Kate your work AND your site are fantastic! We can all see where “Moofus” gets it from 🙂 And secretly, I like Yorkshire Pudding as well 😉

  2. Jessica says:

    I love her work and so happy to have her in the shiny squirrel shop. Shei s very talented and such a sweet person.

  3. Kate says:

    Haha…. Julia did you feel guilty?!
    Thankyou for your very kind ego boosting words, sadly I can stake no claim to Mils talent as he’s done it all himself.
    I do take credit for the fact that he makes perfect yorkshire puddings though.
    Thank you all again.

  4. Penelope Boyd says:

    I can’t believe I’ve only just stumbled across your blog – you find such wonderful things! I’m off to keep reading…