must be growing up…

I have been struck by my first ever “expensive” art lust! I never could quite understand why people would fork out major money for art when there is the art mecca of etsy and graduate exhibitions…but now I get it. I am wondering too, if this means that I am offically entering adulthood, cos real adults always want to spend lots of money on art rather than new clothes (don’t know if I would go quite that far yet…)
I visited local art consultant, the lovely Pauline Giles from Art Bay up on the hill in Queenstown. She has a fantastic collection of top NZ artists, but I was having trouble seeing through all the talent to what was appropriate for my current project. After quizzing me and showing me all sorts…she said with a knowing glimmer in her eye :”I’ve got JUST the artist for you”. And she did. She had a whole pile of amazing silk screen prints by Dunedin artist Gillian Pope. And I reallly reallly REALLLLY want one.

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4 Responses to must be growing up…

  1. Futuristics says:

    NICE Blog 🙂

  2. lupinbunny says:

    Ohhh! How much is a piece? Want to leave a comment on my blog if you don’t want to post it on yours? I LOOOOOVE her stuff too!

    I have got big fat art lust. I had a Deborah Paauwe and a Kiki Smith before I graduated (bought with my own hard-earned cash, thanks). I should buy a fridge or a couch without holes in, but neither of those things will brighten my day AND appreciate in value!

  3. lupinbunny says:

    Hey, the site you linked to represents Peter Collis – I have a vase by him! Neat!

    Also, I’m wondering, you find these great artists talking (I assume) to galleries in search of pieces for your clients. Whenever I’ve bought anything I’ve done my research first, found the artist, then gone into the gallery asking for them. Do you think (since I guess you know more galleries) that I could walk in asking to be shown all different pieces to find something I like, or is that the kind of thing reserved for interior designers?

  4. Kate Alexander says:

    i agree, these are beautiful… reminiscent of Robin White…