My Dream Team

Dream-team The prospect of refreshing a brand identity and website is both exciting and terrifying. For an internet wanderer like myself, exposed to SO many terrific (and terrible) examples of design online daily – the task of creating a new look and improved website to take Studio Home forward seemed kind of mammoth.  While I had some very firm ideas about layout and the general “vibe” I was after, I certainly didn’t have the skill base to bring it to life on my own!

So I engaged Mickey Ross from Micimage who originally took me from Blogger to a new WordPress platform in late 2010. Mickey has an amazing aesthetic and eye as a designer and I totally respect his techno geekiness when it comes to all things coding! I then cold called graphic designer and creative; Loz Ferguson of Pop Creative after seeing examples of her work popping up on Facebook. I loved her style and knew that she was a reader…essentially I had her in my sights as someone to translate my ideas but also as a true partner and sounding board in the process. And that she most definitely was!

Both Mickey and Loz are based in Wanaka, South Island, NZ so this whole project was completed using shared Pinterest boards, group emails and long fantastic collaborative Skype sessions. Going into the project I wondered if the distance between our physical locations would affect the process…..all I can say is that using the internet as our shared office was incredibly convenient and productive! There was no scheduling of weekly “presentations in person” … Loz and I would simply flick updates, ideas and feedback via Skype to each other during the day. We could work through concepts real time, allowing her to do some tweaks while I sat at my own computer researching a font etc. Screen shots ricocheted back and forth like lightening and sideways to Mickey if we needed some clarification on some of our grander ideas. The same was done sending concepts out to chosen friends for feedback – resulting in instant critique and allowing us to move forward much much faster than I had expected.

With my own experience as proof I would recommend this way of working to anyone who spends a lot of time connected to their computer. I certainly couldn’t recommend more, the services and skills of Pop Creative and Micimage. Hey – doesn’t matter if you are in Auckland, Adelaide or Atlanta, these two may just be the design professionals for you! Below is a brief intro to my dream team:

POP CREATIVE – Loz Ferguson

Pop CreativePictured here are a few images of some recent work from Pop Creative. Loz not only has a growing branding portfolio she has also lent her creative brain to wedding invites, collateral and custom signage. She has only recently set up as an independent and with work flooding in the doors she hasn’t yet had a chance to get her own site up! You can check out all her work and find her contact info on her Facebook page.Pop Creative - recent branding work

Pop Creative Pop CreativePhoto credit for 2 images above: Bayly + Moore


Micimage – Mickey Ross

Micimage - Mickey RossMicimage - Mickey RossMickey Ross might understand that mysterious language of html coding but there is no way he can be pigeon holed as a techno geek! A talented designer in his own right he is also an award winning photographer and in demand film maker. His instagram feed is one of my all time favourites and gives me massive wanderlust with every new post.

Micimage - Mickey Ross Micimage - Mickey Ross Micimage - Mickey Ross Micimage - Mickey Ross Micimage - Mickey Ross

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6 Responses to My Dream Team

  1. The new design is AMAZING!!! I love it so much! B&W <3

  2. tina says:

    Julia – it looks fantastic – well done. Amazing how easy it is to work across all types of online communication now. The world is getting smaller! Best, Tina

  3. camilla says:

    dream team Micimage and Pop Creative with Studio Home….!

  4. Alex Fulton says:

    Yeah it’s looking fantassie! Go you and we love the techie/long distance collab!

    Alex Fulton

  5. Phoebe says:

    Nice work Jules & co!

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