needing abit of inspiration

I have just passed my previous record of unproductivity….it is so bad right now I am not even going to bother to find another word that is easier to say than ‘”unproductivity”. Not good. So sitting here in my studio and home I am spending my non productive hours searching for a little inspiration and get up and go! I am definitely feeling a twitch of creativity when I look at these amazing images from the portfolio of Suzy Hoodless, UK interior extraordinaire. She is great. I am working toward being great eventually. Just need a vaccine for this unproductiveness….non productive…un producing???? HELP ME SUZY!!!!!!!

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One Response to needing abit of inspiration

  1. Kate says:

    Quincy or Magnum P.I does it for me. How can it not be an inspiration?!
    TV is the best.