Neighbourhood talent

Lovely Lucy over at The Design Files started blogging just a month after me. I remember us swapping emails over bloggy chat and I have loved watching her awesome little concept turn into the fabulous rich site that it now is! (Hmmmm obviously I took a wrong turn somewhere? haha) Aside from now being the blogging princess of Melbourne (if not Oz) she has just pulled together all her wonderful talented colleagues to create the first (annual?!)The Design Files Neighbourhood calender!! Love love luuurrrvvvee!! Please go check out the preview or better yet drop by the exhibition kicking off on November 18th at the Lamington Drive Gallery in Melbs! Many high fives Lucy! I will be lining up for my copy for sure!

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One Response to Neighbourhood talent

  1. lucy says:

    JULIA this is such a sweet post THANKYOU! 🙂 Wow I must admit I have not visited for a little while but the site is looking so beautiful! Congrats! 🙂
    Ps) I remember those early blogging days tooo…! You taught me how to make a 3-column template in Blogger! Ahh those were the days! Hope all is well! xxx