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Extra Curricular - Studio Home

The next brand new (and improved) Extra Curricular magazine is available for pre order later today and I am very excited to say that I am featured in this one! This issue is all about new beginnings and Editor; Ellie Smith dropped by my new Auckland base to have a chat about blogging and why I made the move into the unknown. There are some super interesting other people featured including a guide to marketing and promotion which could provide some nuggets of gold to those of your pushing your own business.

Extra Curricular - Studio HomeExtra Curricular - Studio HomeExtra Curricular - Studio HomeExtra Curricular - Studio HomeExtra Curricular - Studio HomeExtra Curricular - Studio Home

“The Autumn issue is out at Easter and in keeping with our theme of ‘new beginnings’ we’ve had a bit of a design refresh with a new textured cover stock to boot. We love cover artist Angela Keoghan and number 11 is bursting at the seams with great content from the likes of Olivia Coote (who put together a sweet tutorial), Martha Goes Green (with recipes for a baby shower), and Sonya Nagels (who photographed and interviewed recent returnees and an amazing converted hotel in Raglan). Pia Jane Bijkerk talks about her new book project and Julia Atkinson of Studio Home chats about her relocation to Auckland. We’ve also got the first installment of our new series of cheat-sheets (this one’s on promotion and marketing) and of course there’s more inside! “

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4 Responses to new beginnings

  1. Lucy says:

    Sounds great, just ordered it

  2. LornaLove says:

    Oh well done! Going to get me a copy!

  3. Ed says:

    Fantastic Ju, will have to add that one to my small magazine addiction!

  4. Liv says:

    My copy arrived in the mail today and led me to you! GREAT article! Love what you’ve got going on here! x