New JOB and new wallpaper!

Hi Everyone…gawd…long time, no hear! Sorry the craziest stuff has been happening..turns out I am now back in employment in the ski industry! New job dropped out of the sky and suddenly I am hauled from self employment and sporadic income to a salary and a 5-6 day a week job! So my new role is Sales and Marketing Coordinator at the awesome NZ mountain, Treble Cone and will be moving over the hill from the beautiful Queenstown to the equally beautiful Wanaka.
I am sorry about the the gap in cool stuff here on SHC but rest assured, soon as I have my computer plugged in at my new place I will resume the steady flow of goodness. In the mean time..I am going to do some large posting sessions to keep you all going. 🙂

Images above are for you for FREE from the prolific Kate Banazi..just for you and your desktop. Download here.

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One Response to New JOB and new wallpaper!

  1. Kate says:

    Congratulations on the new job! Hope you really enjoy it, sounds fantastic… give me a job so I can come over and take photos! x