Nga Waiata

Woah. Total utter OBSESSION developing here over the rings from kiwi artist/ jewellery designer Nga Waiata. Doubly triply sigh over the Rose Quartz and New Zealand Black Maire ring!! Gahhh!!!!

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5 Responses to Nga Waiata

  1. Alesha says:

    Can I order these online?

  2. Ju says:

    Hey Alesha,
    Check out their stockist list…some pay have online stores

  3. dario chicco says:

    Hi Ngawiata, great to see your doing well.

  4. Elham says:

    Hi, Can I please know where I can buy one of her ring in NZ? want it for my husband’s birthday:))

    • julia says:

      Hi Elham,

      This is simple a blog post highlighting the work of Nqa Waiata. Simply click on the link to her website in the post and you can find her own website and contact details.