No they are not photos…they are paintings!!

I usually try to spread my posts out so that there aren’t great chunks of “architecture” or “jewellery” or “graphic design”…but so often it depends on what I am researching (or obsessing over) for a project. And at the moment “art” is getting a real workout! And Nic Phillipson has totally caught my attention. Strayed to his website via some others and instantly loved the collage layout. Then, casually scrolled through the gallery which shows amazing, graphic pop art inspired pieces…to arrive at photos of familiar NZ beach locations. But..ahhh..No. They are absolutely incredible paintings!! I am totally blown away by this guy who is just 25, and gone after his dream of being a professional artist. I have a feeling it is more of a reality than a dream now!
Check it out


This morning Nic sent through some new pics of an incredible mural he has completed at new store Rubix in Havelock North. Took him 5 weeks of painting! Awesome stuff!!!

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One Response to No they are not photos…they are paintings!!

  1. Mr Sansom says:

    great blog. terrific creativity.