Nostalgic Friday

Yes…this is indeed another Camilla Stoddart…for the good reason that I am, a.) posting from her computer and b.) I am at my cousins farm, The Point, in Tarras, Otago where the picture above was taken.

Something a wee bit different today everyone. For one I am doing this Friday post on a MAC ( I, controversially, am a PC girl through and through…for the time being..) and it is verrrry tricky when I am also tackling a  “tablet” instead of mouse…I feel left handed and blind..

AND instead of the  circuit of the internet and the little tidbits I can find for you, I thought that I would reach back into the 3 years of SH archives and bring back some oldies but goodies. Enjoy! Its lucky dip!

1. Becca

2. Sink into these

3. When the weather was warm and the water silky..

4.  Preciousness

5. Clever Kaitlin

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