Not muddy at all!

Right…I am off for an extended long weekend…adding on a couple of extra days either side! Of course this is the perk of being self employed…but only when you can actually put petrol in your car to leave!! This is an issue.
So I am going to fill you guys up with as much downunder goodness as possible as my parents have dial up at home and I would honestly sky dive before attempting to upload pics and post using that. Sky diving is a total dread!!

These BEAUTIFUL images are from Australian ceramics brand Mud. They run their factory from Sydney and make every stunning piece by hand! Very romantic notion. But these little vessels are all user friendly to boot…they have no probs going in the microwave, oven or dishwasher. Their website is pretty gorgeous too and shows each design individually including the colour range. Check it our for a range of stockists

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