NZ + Australian picks for Etsy

Australian + NZ picks for Etsy by Studio HomeEtsy Australia recently invited me to have a merry trawl of their platform and pull together a list of 20 finds from Australian and New Zealand etsy stores. There were SO SO many more and I have started to seed a favourites list with these from down under for those of your interested.

The goodies that I finally decided on above are:
1. Shadowbox wall hanging shelf by Senkki (AU)
2. Bead necklace by not Tuesday (AU)
3. Clutch by Scottato (AU)
4. Bright beads Alice pendant by Marzz Designs (AU)
5. Verona wedding dress by Kelsey Genna (NZ)
6. Notebook by The Paperbird Society (NZ)
7. Tri stool by Hunt Furniture (AU)
8. Glasses case by Chocolate Brownie (AU)
9. Earrings by Treehorn Design (AU)
10. “She carries her home” print by Katie Rose Clausen (NZ)
11. Cockatiel print by Evie Kemp (NZ)
12. Ceramic bangle by Erin Lightfoot (AU)
13. Large tote bag by Toodles Noodles (NZ)
14. Bag by Paper Castle (AU)
15. “Bird and the Bees” print by Emma Leonard (AU)
16. Gold leather tote by Amanda Kaye (AU)
17. “Lemons” print by Dear Colleen (NZ)
18. Ceramic dot planter by andODesign (AU)
19. Terrarium by Mei Studio (AU)
20. London silk scarf by McKean Studio (AU)

*please note that any purchases made through these links will result in a small commission for Studio Home. 100% my picks but gotta eat!
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3 Responses to NZ + Australian picks for Etsy

  1. Megan McKean says:

    Thank you for including my London scarf, Julia! You’re a gem. So many goodies in this list, I’m going to take myself off for some virtual shopping! x Megan

  2. STEL STYLE says:

    I love this list, I love so many things!

  3. Kayseejade says:

    WOW! That gold tote is GORGEOUS!!!