NZ Bach Loving!

From these humble holiday pads…

….too their modern counterparts from Herbst Architects!

New Zealand has a massively strong history of beach side family dwellings. Basic was better, bunks were the highlight, everything creaked in the wind and the possum in the tree out the back sounded like it was about to jump out from under the bed! This aesthetic as been played with over the last 50 years or so and I believe that Herbst Architects have really nailed it!! Their modern day bach’s are somewhat larger and mostly have electricity…but they still have you joined with the beach, punga trees and white caps. I look at these and think….holiday (and Pimms!)

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4 Responses to NZ Bach Loving!

  1. Jessie Cacciola says:

    oh that last image is so refreshingly simple and at night with that candle light…=)
    – Jessie –

  2. Uncle Beefy says:

    LOVE these, Ju! I have some inordinate fascination with small houses and these are wonderful! Wish I had one at the beach right now 🙂

  3. Stuart says:

    The NZ bach is definitely evolving from a box with 4 walls and a loo to a creative use of a small, and sometimes not so small, space. I hope that they retain the character of the small getaway for the weekend type of building.

  4. lupinbunny says:

    I just found your blog courtesy of the Duckcloth blog and I’m just in love! Like Print&Pattern, or Decor8, but antipodean and written by someone pretty much my own age. I’m from the next country to the left (Australia 😉 ) but all mah mama’s family are from NZ, and I’ve done time in the rough and ready bach before. I love the interior with the leather couch. So soothing.