Owen Dippie

While attending the launch of the Safe in Sound charity art project and auction (read allll about it here!) last Thursday I got a bit of foot shuffling anxiety/awe when I realised I was in a bar with a throng of SUPER talented artists. After some quality evesdropping I identified the guy responsible for the pair of trainers sporting two very life like “Tupac + Biggie” faces. It was Owen Dippie – aka OD and he my friends, is the kiwi behind these massive rich and realistic works. Tauranga based but with OD works marking many different continents I think its high time this quietly spoken and super nice guy gets some time in front of you guys. Enjoy and expect to see a Creative HQ and delve into his background here soon.

Owen DippieOwen DippieOwen DippieOwen Dippie


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