Off to the land of Oz!

102113_245 copySo today I set off on a cool adventure. I have a week of super exciting interviews lined up in Melbourne then head off to the Gold Coast hinterland to base myself with my sister until January. I have a list as long as my arm of people, businesses, brands and places that I plan to visit and meet. In terms of programming you can still expect to see the same balanced mix of NZ and Australian content right here so if contact ceases…its because I’ve been carried off by those monstrous Australian spiders that every New Zealander hears about and fears!
Early next year I’ll be spending 6 weeks in the South Island so you can look forward to a strong stream of creative stories that I’ll be hunting out from my old stomping ground.
Bear with me for a few gaps over the next week or so and …. bring it on Australia you beautiful big thing!!

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5 Responses to Off to the land of Oz!

  1. Yes!! Have the best fun Ju. Can’t wait to stalk everything you post.

  2. antb says:


  3. Ed says:

    Hope you have a blast Ju 🙂 enjoy time with your sister!
    Travel safe, Big hugs Ed x