oh Karen!

I am a little late off the mark with this one…but for all you non kiwis not in the know…our most internationally renown fashion designer Karen Walker has just released her most recent collaboration with paint company Resene.
Once again the creative hand of Katie Lockhart has been here, as too sculptor Gidon Bing and photographer Matthew Williams. What an amazing way to communicate colour stories!!!!

“Our inspiration for this chart came from the Bauhaus school of the 1920s whose concept was to create and combine colours from an emotional point of view rather than a technical one, to group colours in a way that tells a story rather than simply matching them tonally.

With this in mind we’ve created six stories that, true to the Karen walker style, play with the combining of opposites and putting together of ideas in surprising ways.

We hope that not only will you like the colours, but that the ideas we present in terms of mixing them together will inspire you to tell a colour story of your own.”

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One Response to oh Karen!

  1. dwellings and decor says:

    WOW! These are amazing and I love what she wrote about how it came to be. So cool!