Ohhh organics

I am ridiculous today. All it takes for me to deviate off my ‘actual’ work is a pretty picture. While that maybe semi understandable, what is not, is WHY ohhhh whyyyyy I am letting myself head off in search of the pretty pictures. Damn it. I need some kind of web surfing lock on my computer!! Annnyywayyy…the paretty pics above are from the gorgeous etsy store of Mady Dooijes

“bringing you sustainable handmade clothing + textiles.
hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, reclaimed + recycled fibers + fabrics is what i use to create unique items.
i only use natural plant dyes + water based inks.
all items are one off or in limited edition.
note: like all things made by hand my creations may contain irregularities, which add to their beauty.”

Love that last line….
Thanks to the gold mine of Concrete and Honey for the find!

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One Response to Ohhh organics

  1. mady dooijes says:

    thank you ju, you've made my day… you have a gorgeous blog here.