Pampa : handmade rugsI’ve been watching PAMPA for a few months after discovering their wild and adventurous instagram feed (think horses, lamas, mountains and the battling landscapes of Australia and South America) which led me to their absolutely fantastic range of rugs handcrafted by people living in often isolated South American communities.
They have a great website packed with information about their business and project but I think they explain it best here:

“In essence, PAMPA protects collective heritage and promotes cultural capital.We rescue what is ours, that with which we identify, in order to trace the clues that lead us to understand and become aware of our identity.

We know we live in a complex world, therefore, the reason for developing this project is the need for better understanding. Rescuing our memories and celebrating our uniqueness.

We are launching in Australia our first range of artwork PAMPA RUGS . These are pieces for which we feel affection, admiration and deep respect. These woven art pieces are unique products handcrafted within native communities of South America, people endowed with great knowledge, art, technique and humility”

Pampa : handmade rugsPampa : handmade rugsPampa : handmade rugsPampa : handmade rugs Pampa : handmade rugs Pampa : handmade rugs Pampa : handmade rugs Pampa : handmade rugsPampa : handmade rugs Pampa : handmade rugs

With one foot in the traditional cultures of South America and one in Australia where they see a receptive and excited market, I can only imagine we will see some rapid rapid growth in this emerging, socially concious brand!

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  1. Ju B says:

    I am in LOVE with those rugs!