Paper Pirates

Without further a do….I will let The Shutter Pirates introduce and invite you to be part of this VERY cool and awesome project! Scroll on down….

Alright then, inspired by The Photocopy Club running out of Brighton, England, we’ve decided to throw a guerilla photography exhibition of our own.

Here’s the deal:

You print up to four of your photographs on shitty paper, A3 or larger, at work or somewhere else where you can print for free/cheap.

You then roll up those photographs, chuck them in a tube and send them our way.

We choose our favourites and put on an exhibition.

Everyone comes along to look at the pictures and have a bit of a party and at the end of the night people can rip them off the walls and take them home.

We’ll also publish a magazine, printed on the aforementioned shitty paper, and distribute it across our fair city.

Welcome to Paper Pirates.

Everybody who sends us work will have it featured on this blog regardless of whether we run it in the exhibition or not. An exhibition space has been found and dates will be released shortly.

What we we need from you, photographers and non-photographers alike, is to share this page and idea around.

Like it, tweet it, tumblr it or jesus christ why not even talk about it in real life?

A democratic photography exibition run by two pirate dictators. Now accepting submissions. Please post your photographs to:

The Paper Pirates

40 Summer Street

Submissions close

May 12.

Queries or concerns should be directed to

If you’re still confused I’ve made a video to clarify everything: Watch Here.

Tim & Joe.

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