Phew it’s Friday

It’s not all that often that you come across a collarboration between two artists that results in an actual “shared” end result…that above, my dears, is an example of just that! My eternal fave Kareena Zerefos and the exciting Mia Taninaka!

1. Lovely little handprinted notebook for you camera obsessed folk.

2. Wear your heart on your…bag.

3. Gooo on…pop a card in the post and make someones day.

4. The coolest coat/hat hanger ever…massive thumbs up!

5. My friend Andy recently got one of these gorgeous bracelets for her birthday.

6. Live in Sydney? Know where Martin Place is? Well mosy on down there to check out some huge billboards featuring epic shots of NZ snow…some of which are from our friend Camilla Stoddart! Noice one Cammy…

This weekend brings a staff party tomorrow night with all the poor buggers here to work on the ski area’s around Wanaka (and are currently stood down til it SNOWS!!!) then Saturday night a Mid Winter Mexican Fiesta at Ella and Jules’s new house. Next week I am heading on a sales trip up the West Coast which I always love. I will also get an unexpected stay with my parents after their trip to Turkey had to be cancelled as Dad has gone off and broken a tendon after wrestling a crazy sheep on our little farm! Very gutted for them both, poor Pops is heading in to get it all sewn back together this morning and will have his arm in a sling for 6 weeks!
Hope your all have a glorious weekend xoxo

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