Photoshop exploration…

This is my FIRST ever effort at creating an “animated GIF” file!
I was very lucky to have received a copy of the new Adobe Creative Suite to test and review. This was a tad intimidating at first as I am by no means a graphic design dynamo and usually scrape by with my very basic program and very basic skills. But as it turns out, I might have become more than a little attached to all this new software and am now super inspired to explore all it’s depths! One of my favourite bloggers has created cute little animated GIF’s like the one above and so with her inspirational example in one tab and a googled step by step tutorial on GIF creation in photoshop in the other, off I went!

Thanks to the glorious Melbourne sunshine and my gorgeous sister Wink for playing their part xoxo

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2 Responses to Photoshop exploration…

  1. Kristy says:

    This is cool =) Makes me miss this girl a whole lot though.
    Love from Tassie
    Kristy xx

  2. mimi says:

    Wow thats a great effect and lovely to see my darling in almost real life moving !!!!