plant the seed

My pics are abit small….but the concept and fantastic ideas of Seedling is HUGE!!! Just walked past local Queenstown kids store Catch & Kiss and accidently my feet took me through the door. Thats when I found the Seedling desplay….and totally fell for their DIY kids kits. There was a worm farm kit, a grow your own vegie garden kit, a junior doctor kit, design your own tshirt kit, design your own dinner set kit, become a sushi chef kit…goes on. brilliant!

Read on…I love they way they explain themselves:

“The seed for our company was planted in 2006 when we couldn’t find a meaningful and inspiring gift for children who had plenty of mass produced toys that were played with for 10 mins and then discarded.

We yearned for a good old-fashioned experience that meant time shared, skills gained and something that kids could really dig their teeth into.

Since then Seedling NZ has grown to a small passionate team designing, developing and creating all our own products on a small farm in Whitford, Auckland.

We inject pure passion into our products allowing children to work with real materials and tools giving them a sense of mastery and achievement whilst having fun and engaging with adults.”

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