This is the coolest piece of Kiwi ingenuity that I have come across in ages!! It is sooooo relevant to both the NZ and Aussie tradition of simple summer holiday escapes that we all had when we were young. The awesome concept was conjured up by Cecile Bonnafait and William Giesen of Wellingtons “atelierworkshop” and it has taken the country by storm this summer featuring widely in the media. The container essentially can be moved and placed on any area of flat land. It then opens along one side to almost double in size with a large deck that can be completely enclosed by canvas tent. One of the ends also opens to form an extension for bunks. The entire structure is plumbed and looks after its own water, waste and electricity needs.
The list of places that I would put one of these is way too long…..
Check out their site to see more views, particularly the awesome interior lined in bamboo ply complete with shower area, kitchenette and fold out bed!

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3 Responses to Port-a-Bach

  1. claire says:

    k so how do you move it then? it doesn’t have wheels or a tow bar

  2. Ju says:

    It would be a case of some serious moving ie…helicopter or lifting onto back of truck. Not as easy as a caravan, its more of a semi permanent tent….like the baches of old.

  3. rhy says:

    thats great – can you do multi stories?

    Could this be the new kind of gypsy wagon – travel the world on container ships – staying in exotic ports with the comfort of home……..