pretty birdie

I have got the new Frankie and am mining ALLLLLL the goodness!! They never fail to introduce me to new aussie creative types and then spin in some brilliant writing and art. Love.
Above are examples of head ware from Melbourne’s Bird Millinery established in 2004 by Stephanie-Anne Booth. On offer at the website are a marvellous range of “Spring Racing” styles that could be chased up with a funky little cap from the “Casual” collection. I have a new appreciation of the fascinator….

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2 Responses to pretty birdie

  1. Gabrielle says:

    oohh i love frankie!
    they have some seriously amazing illustrators.

    Are you from Aus/NZ?

    x from

  2. Similar Simian says:

    Flatmate Jo has her little head buried in it!

    I’d quite like it if she went and did the dishes so I could read it!

    Miss ya darlin.