Quincy & Sunday

So I took a wee spin past on of my favourite furniture makers, Jardan and well…managed a bit of torture. Hmmmm. It hurts me that at this delicate stage in my life, teetering at the cliff of 30, I’m not really yet in the position to lash out on beautiful new furniture. The lovely perfectly simple tables in the Quincy range and those very sweet and loving looking Sunday chairs should belong to me. Now.

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2 Responses to Quincy & Sunday

  1. Julia – you rock my ‘shopping’ world! I am a self confessed shopaholic in recovery (have been since i moved to Wanaka – not entirely by choice if you know what I mean), and when I do shop, I prefer to go ‘solo’. However, should I ever give in to my shopping addiction again and choose to have company, you’d be my gal! Oh, but by the way, please don’t consider yourself at a delicate stage in your life – where does that put me??? Love your work! Laura x

    • julia says:

      Thanks Laura!! Always exciting to have someone in my own town reading the blog and liking it! We should def catch up one day 🙂