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Studio Home early 2014This time of year is always a bit weird for the internet. So many of you dear regular visitors are far too busy enjoying a break from work, getting out and about or doing your absolute best to “un plug” for a few days instead of checking out Studio Home! But I do know that on the flipside of this, there are also those of you (like me) who take some snippets of their downtime to browse the internet guilt free and its damn frustrating if your favourite sites have “gone on holiday!” (how dare they!)

So, in the aim of striking a balance there will still be a fresh post here on normal week days to take us through to early Jan but I’ll just hold the new interviews I have lined up for a week or so (pretty excited about that list above!).

Here is a nice varied cross section of features from this last year of interviewing that I thought you might like to revisit. Another way to trawl is by browsing the Creative HQ, Behind Closed Doors or Fly The Coop categories. Or you could get really specific and click for just New Zealand or Australian content only.

Hope you’ve conjured up some merriness and ample chocolate/and or wine !
xoxo Ju

* New Zealanders Kelly Reid and Henry Hargreaves chasing down their dreams in New York.

* Where do you imagine a top female sports and outdoors photographer to live? Here?

* Ben Crawfords inner city bachelor pad.

* The story and world of Juliette Hogan.

* Maybe the most beautiful woolshed in New Zealand!

* The island hideaway of artist;  Melissa Sharplin.

* One of New Zealands most exciting tailored labels.

* Stores that have caught my eye (so far!)

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