resuscitation of the tee

I struggle with t-shirts abit, they just never seem to quite work for me….BUT I am wishing they did; having just had a look at the latest range of NZ designers Binkie!! Visit their site and online store to squizz at the variations and past collections…great kids designs as well.

“Combining pop sensibility with post punk chic, and the collage techniques of dada and surrealism, Binkie is resuscitating the humble tshirt. Lovingly selected vintage and classic fabrics are stitched on to create unique collector’s pieces.

Binkie is handmade. Each piece is slightly different from the rest, defined by the flow of the fabric. Designed and constructed in New Zealand, with a high standard of quality workmanship, Binkie is for anyone who doesn’t want to look like anyone else.”

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One Response to resuscitation of the tee

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the skull t-shirt but sheesh have you seen the prices! That’s an I wish but never will price for me.